The Rise of Cuban Link Chains in Hip Hop Fashion

From Cuban Link Chains to Jay-Z & Kanye

Karus Chains, a New York based online store focusing on gold and silver chains for guys, recently released a comprehensive post behind the growing popularity of men’s jewelry; one key-contributor being hip-hop as a big influence to shaping the designs in jewelry.

The 80’s wasn’t just the time where hip-hop gained prominence worldwide, it also carved out a sub niche in men’s jewelry. Apart from the now old-school Adidas runners to Kangol buckets hats, chunky gold chains as sported by Run DMC and Public Enemy were no strangers to a hip hop  artists or fan’s wardrobe.

Today, large ropy gold chains occasionally take center-stage, but one distinct evolution in jewelry design is the more ‘sleek’ Cuban link chain.

Simple Does It

As opposed to ‘blinging it’, understated jewelry pieces are now the hallmark-look as seen in the photo above.

Less is more, and thus, Cuban link chains have been gaining traction among both old and new school acts.

Jay Z and Kanye West are today’s most influential icons seen embracing classically styled slim gold chains, shamballa jewelry, Versace necklaces, and quirky pendants – all which leans toward a more neat and minimal look.


The term Cuban link chain grew by 50% over the last year, and thanks to Jay and Yeezy, jewelry sales have been enjoying steady growth.

Inside the article, other takeaway notes include:

  • The bracelet as the go-to giveaway
  • The Evolution of the Modern man
  • The Role of the Internet and social media in giving men access to more information range of products to choose
  • The Emergence of jewelry tailored for men

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