TIP decides to name “Believable” Trap Rappers

TIP reeled off some of today’s trap rappers to whom he considers “believable” during a recently published interview with HotNewHipHop.

"Young Jeezy, [Young] Dolph, Yo Gotti, Doe B,” TIP says. “I think that [Doe B] don't get enough credit, I guess because his career never got a chance to take off, but he was definitely one of the coldest to come up. Young Dro, Dro is definitely of the environment [laughs]. Meek Mill, although he’s not from Atlanta, I still see him as… that’s where he comes from, that’s his life and lifestyle. There’s a few cats that you just kind of know. You can close your eyes, listen to what’s being said and know it’s real.”

In light of the title of his forthcoming album, The Dime Trap, TIP opened up and spoke on his current relationship with the street environment.

“I'm probably a little bit closer than I'm supposed to be to the environment, but not nearly as close as I used to be,” he says. “So as far as inspiration, it kind of to me feels like an alcoholic, ok? If you were an alcoholic for 20 years and you quit and you stay away for 10 or 15, you still remember what it's like to be drunk. Every day you still remember the taste, the good, the bad, the ups, the downs of it all, so you can still paint a vivid picture. And that's how I consider my connection to that world.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, TIP revealed his thoughts on rappers whose musical content varies drastically to their everyday reality.

“Man, I have a personal opinion,” TIP says. “I feel like it’s hypocrisy. I do. But, at the same time, I understand that those are just simply things in this particular day and time that are not as important as they once were. For me, I can hold on to it internally, but I can’t really publicly exercise a true distain for it because I’ll be a lone voice in a crowded room. I alienate myself. So, I just keep my opinions to myself, do what I do, wish everybody the best and keep it pushing.”


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