Five Style Tips to Make Sure Everyone Sees Your Jordans

Jordan stores in Orlando know what’s hot. That’s why you come in. You want to get the shoes that look great, feel great, let you jump like Jordan, and, again, look great. If you’re going to shell out the cash for Jordans, you want everyone you see to know you did too. Dress to impress and your Jordans will light up your look. They’re impossible to miss.


1. Rolled Jeans are Back

Making sure your Jordans are seen starts with making sure that they’re visible! Rolled cuff jeans are a great way to get that comfortable, loose fit while still showing off your iconic Jordans. High tops look great when you’re strutting down the street. Roll your jeans back to be sure that every inch of your Jordans is visible!


2. Pair Bright Jordans with Neutrals

There are plenty of sleek, grayscale Jordans that look effortlessly chic.There are also a lot of brighter, bolder colors that are made for standing out from the crowd. If you’re the type to opt for bright shoes, keep the rest of your outfit a bit more subdued. Black looks great with anything, but really any neutral color will do. Bright shoes plus an otherwise calm look brings all the attention to your shoes. It’ll be like stepping onto a spotlight every you enter a room.


3. Be Mindful of Accessories

If you’re not the type to stick to just one eye catching item of clothing, the above advice may stick in your throat. Don’t tone it down if you’re really committed to being bright and beautiful. Instead, keep your accessories in mind when planning your outfit. Stick to a certain color palette, but make sure that your Jordans stay the star. Bring your hat, your chains, your jacket, or whatever else sets you apart. Just make sure that your Jordans aren’t the odd one out.


4. Keep Them Looking Hot

If you’re strutting your stuff down the street, you’ll notice that it can be tough to avoid every puddle along the way. Take the time to take care of your Jordans, and they’ll take care of you. Wipe off the mud, wash the inserts, and keep them looking fresh. Beat up sneakers aren’t going to attract the attention you’re looking for. A little care can keep your Jordans in eye-poppingly great condition for a long time.


5. Be Bold

Orlando Jordan stores aren’t frequented by people who don’t know how to rock what they got. If your goal is to get all eyes on your shoes, you have to stand out. Walk confidently. Talk seriously. Be the badass you are, and people will look at you--and your Jordans.

No one wants to buy Jordans to keep themselves out of the public’s view. No one wishes they could just blend in a little more. So let your Jordans do their job. Go to your Jordan store Orlando loves, pick out the most popping pair, and follow these style tips for maximum impact. You’re gonna get noticed.