How Adidas is Stepping to the Plate in 2018

Our favorite shoe brands have been bringing it this year, and Adidas 2018 is as good as it gets. Adidas has been a household and trendsetting name for decades, so you might think they'd relax for a minute. But this brand has continued to step up every year and deliver iconic shoes. This year is no different. Here are some of the reasons we’re here for Adidas 2018. 

Topical Releases

One great thing about Adidas is that they don’t just release stylistic designs. They bring out topical designs too. For example, they are releasing a Speedfactory AM4NHL to celebrate the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup this year. The shoe will be released on June 21st. It has the Capitals’ colors, their logo on the medial side, and the iconic three stripes on the lateral side. This shoe is relevant to shoe and hockey fans alike. It is a fresh shoe with blue and red coloring and can be used to commemorate a big win for the team. Adidas got a win with these.

Fresh Takes

Adidas is amazing at designing fresh takes on old faves. One fresh take that they are releasing this year is the Support Primeknit. These will be a completely new imaging of one of their original designs. These are great because they are ensuring their designs stay relevant. The Sub Green Pack will be releasing this summer, and everyone is ready to get their hands on the new originals. Whether it’s for collection, style, or just wanting a pair of sick new shoes, Adidas redesigning their classics is a great idea.


Adidas and Kanye are an amazing match. Every time there is a Yeezys release, you know it’s going to deliver. The Yeezy Boost 700 is coming out in a new color palette. And though you probably have already seen Kanye flaunting them, they will be made public later this year, in November. It seems like a long time to wait for a new Yeezy, but we’ll just have to be patient. And while we wait, we can think about how grateful we are Kanye and Adidas decided to collaborate in the first place because Yeezys always bring it.

Adidas has a lot going on this year, and we are here for it. They are coming out with fresh styles and colors. From their topical sports collabs to celebrity partnerships, they're doing everything right. Their colors are relevant, and the designs always have us coming back for more. Adidas is coming for 2018. For help styling your Adidas, check out Men’s Closet Clothing. We’re always here to help.