How Nike is Poised to Take Over the Shoe Scene

Nike Store Orlando Photo by Hunter Johnson on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a Nike store, Orlando has got you covered. This isn’t just about the Air Jordans, which have been a dominant force in culture for years. It's about all the other shoes Nike makes, which have been good--but somehow, not great. This brand is everywhere right now, and they haven’t been an overnight success. Great material, great construction, and great style--but Nike has never been the uncontested ruler outside of their on-point Air Jordans brand. All of that could change with this year’s new releases. One thing you can count on with Nike--they never quit. They’ve developed a powerhouse 2018 line up that is going to rock the shoe scene. They’re ready. It’s Nike time.

Color and Pattern

Nike has always focused on simplicity. That Nike swoosh isn’t a complicated design, but it is compelling. Nike’s been riding that swoosh for years, but they finally have some new momentum under their designs. Be sure to check out your Nike store Orlando looking for May’s hottest patterned shoe. The ACRONYM x Nike Air VaporMax MOC 2 is a busy design that stands out from the crowd. That’s a big difference for Nike! By pairing peachy red and silver-green, this bold shoe is eye-catching in all the right ways.

Capitalizing on the Women’s Market

Nike makes women’s shoes as well as men’s shoes, and they’ve mostly kept the styles separate over the years. 2018’s Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit are changing the rules. Nike has designed this shoe for runners. It encourages air flow, cutting down on foot sweat, discomfort, and stench. All pluses. However, they also released it in men’s and women’s sizes. If you’re looking to spoil bae, these are the shoes to get. They’re practical, comfortable, and will take her workout to the next level. Just make sure you grab a pair for yourself.


Market Saturation

Nike is reaching the point where they have the shoe for everyone. Check out the difference in style between the Nike Air VaporMax Plus Grape and the Nike Zoom Fly Obsidian. Both of these shoes are getting an April release date! Both of these shoes are technically sneakers. That’s about where the similarities end. Everything from structure and style to the color scheme is wholly different. Nike is actually working to create something for everyone. Once they do, it won’t matter what look you’re trying to get or what your needs are--you can go pick up a Nike to match.

Looking for a Nike Store in Orlando? Check us out. We know brands, style, and what you need to look your best. Nike’s brand is growing fine--what about your personal brand? Tap in, get the shoes that make a splash, and then get out of here and splash it up.