How to Get a Great Fit on Everything From Men’s Closet Orlando

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/b-w-city-man-street-urban-2178833/

Shopping can either be a great and fun experience or something that is dreaded. Here at Men’s Closet Orlando, we want you to have the best experience shopping. That is why we are here to talk about the part of shopping that will often determine whether you have a good time or not: fit. Finding clothing with a great fit for you comes down to three things, your measurements, shape, and style. Here’s how to use all of those to get a great fit and have a fun shopping.


Knowing your measurements is arguably the most important component of getting clothes that fit you well. You have to know your measurements to find pants, and it really helps with shirts and jackets as well. Because sizes aren’t universal, knowing your measurements will save you time and money. This will cut out the guesswork when shopping either in-store or online. Without the guesswork, shopping will naturally become easier and more enjoyable.


A second element of finding clothes that fit well is understanding your shape. We all have legs and torsos of different lengths and shoulders of different widths. We have to learn what our shape is to best dress it. Not everything that looks good on your best friend will look good on you, and that’s frustrating. But once we learn what our shape is and what compliments, it the shopping process gets easier. Once you know what looks good on your body shape, you can pick up a piece and know if it will look good on you or not. So spend a little time figuring out what shape body you have, and save yourself time when shopping.


The last contributing factor to getting a great fit is your personal style. Men have all different styles. Some like a tailored look, while others tend to pick pieces with more of a relaxed feel. Once you know your measurements and shape, you can incorporate them with your personal style. Having a clear idea of your style will complete your understanding of your body and what to shop for. You’ll stop looking at pieces that don’t fit into your style and come away with more that fits your body and style better.

Finding a great fit involves knowing your body and personal style. A piece can fit your body well but not your style and vice versa. Having a full understanding of your measurements, shape, and style will help you find the right pieces for you. If you need help with any of these elements, Men’s Closet Orlando would be happy to help. Explore our collection online, or stop by one of our Orlando locations.