How to Get the Most Out of Your Fall Clothing When You Live in Florida

Fall is here! For most of the country, this means pumpkins, fall colors, and cool, crisp weather. For those of us who live in Florida, however, it might as well still be summer. By the time the weather finally starts to cool down, the rest of the country will be putting away their fall clothes and moving on to winter. For men who live in Florida but still want to embrace this season of change, we've put together this list of ways men's fall clothing hacks

Use Layers

Look for layers when buying men's fall clothing. What do we mean by "layers?" We mean adding easily-removable pieces of outerwear that you can add to your regular clothing. If you're going to be out and about on a morning below 70 degrees, wear a jacket that you can remove by the time the temperature spikes in the afternoon. Under your jacket, you can wear something with short sleeves. 

Fall Colors, Summer Styles 

Just because you've resigned yourself to wearing shorts all year doesn't mean that you have to completely throw out your fall look. You can have the best of both worlds by combining darker colors with breathable fabrics. Fall styles tend to favor reds, browns, and darker oranges, but any dark shade should work well when you're looking for men's fall clothing. 

Year-Round Classics 

Finally, you can always stick with the year-round classics. Some pieces will work well no matter what time of year you wear them in. A pair of Nikes or Jordans, for instance, is always a classic, and you can never go wrong by wearing them all year.

Men's Fall Clothing 

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