How to Make Your Tee Shirts Last

The growth of urban fashion and athletic streetwear has brought t-shirts into the world of acceptable professional and evening wear. It’s totally normal to see people working in a modern office walking around in t-shirts. They’re no longer thought of as exclusively casual wear. Designers have stepped up their games with t-shirts, making them integral parts of fashion lines. The prices of t-shirts bear that out as well. Designer t-shirts often break the hundred-dollar mark. When dealing with some men’s clothing, Orlando outlets are stocking their shelves with high-end t-shirts to keep up with demand. With all the money people are spending on them, it’s important to know how to properly care for them so that they last longer.

Wash in Cold Water

Even if t-shirts are white, it’s a good idea to wash nice shirts in cold water. This will help you avoid shrinking a shirt you’ve spent a good amount of money on. The last thing you want is to ruin something that fit perfectly when you bought it.

Wash Them Inside Out

Designer t-shirts typically have some sort of graphic design or logo on them. Turning them inside out before the wash will prevent them from taking too much of a beating. You can tell when a t-shirt’s been washed a million times because the graphics begin to flake off. Inside out washing will make it stay on longer.

Consider Hand Washing

Expensive clothing is often more delicate than mass-produced items. Finer materials tend to deteriorate faster than typical threads. For proper washing of men’s clothing, Orlando’s top outlets say give hand washing a try. It will reduce the wear and tear machine washing puts on expensive t-shirts.

Don’t Wash Unless You Have To

It’s easy to get into a routine of washing stuff after one use. This, however, isn’t actually necessary. Washing clothes over and over before they’re actually dirty will break them down fast. If the shirt still looks and smells good, don’t be afraid to give it another wear.

These four tips will extend the life of the t-shirts you love. For other helpful advice on men’s clothing, Orlando’s Men’s Closet Clothing can help. We’ve got extensive experience handling designer brands and can help you figure out how to make them last. Visit us at one of our locations to see what we have in-store.