Is It Time to Get New Socks and Underwear?

You may be wondering if it is time to update your sock and underwear drawer. Most likely, the answer is yes. Here are some signs that you need new men’s socks and underwear:

When You Need New Socks

You may be surprised to learn that proper fitting socks are important to your health. There are several ways to recognize when you need new socks. One way to tell if your socks need to be thrown out is if the elastic band at the top is stretched out and doesn’t provide support.

You may also need to invest in new socks if they have a tendency to slide down your feet. Additionally, if you have developed foot sores such as blisters or calluses, it might be time to throw away your old socks. It’s also time to update your sock drawer if they irritate any areas of your foot. Furthermore, if your socks don’t come clean after you wash them or have developed holes, it is time to buy new ones.

How to Choose the Right Socks

It can be easy when you are looking for new socks to grab the first ones you see or the cheapest ones. But your socks will last longer and be much more comfortable if you choose the right ones. You should look for socks that are breathable. This can help to prevent rashes and athletes’ foot.

Additionally, try to look for socks that match your shoe height. Wearing low socks with high top shoes can cause sweating and friction. Another way to extend the life of your socks is to look for ones that are high quality, even though they might be a bit more expensive. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to have different socks for different occasions. You may not want to wear the same socks that you work out in to work.

Signs That You Need New Underwear

One of the number one signs that you need new underwear is that they have holes in them. Even if they are your favorite pair, your underwear should be thrown out if they have holes. It is also a good idea to get rid of any underwear that has a funny smell. Additionally, it is probably time to invest in new underwear if yours have stains on them that you can’t get rid of.

Once your underwear gets stretched out, most likely they won’t fit right anymore. This is another sign that you need to update your underwear drawer. Furthermore, there isn’t any reason to hold on to underwear that is too tight. Your underwear should be comfortable and not cutting off your circulation.

We all like to hold on to our favorite comfy, old pairs of underwear and socks. But at a certain point, it's just time to say goodbye. If you're looking to update your drawers with high-quality, fashionable socks and underwear, visit Men's Closet Clothing today.