The Role of Fashion in Urban Orlando Life

Photo by Moses Vega on Unsplash

Fashion plays a role in everyone’s daily life. However, in most urban cultures it is exponentially more significant. Even still, in the urban culture of Orlando, fashion is considered a tool for communication, status, and professionalism. You can perceive the importance of fashion in Orlando’s urban culture in every aspect of our society. Making your mark in that society means that you have to learn to operate with those tools.


You don’t always have to use words to communicate who we are. For instance, you say a lot about your personality through the clothes you choose to wear. With your style, you communicate to the rest of the world what would take months to explain in casual conversation. Take graphic tees, for example. Sometimes they tell people around you exactly what you are thinking. Other times it may be that the designer you wear represents something important to you. Perhaps, the totality of your style demonstrates your general outlook on the world. A very urban, modern style can communicate how you value fashion in society, whereas a bohemian vibe can say that you are more relaxed and laid back. Unspoken communication tells those around you volumes about your personality.


Urban life is based a lot on your status. Choosing where to go, where to hang out, and where to eat are daily decisions. Understanding that all of those places have dress codes or expectations can make getting in or fitting in so much easier. An effective way to establish your status in social structures is by the clothing you choose to wear. Even with one or two designer pieces, you can showcase your status. Shoes are a great way to step up your game in fashion and establish your status. Most common people may not know who makes the jacket you are wearing, where you bought it, or how much it costs, but your shoes are easier to identify. As you can see, identifying your status through fashion is simple.


Business is no longer conducted solely in the office. Some of the most effective ways to conduct business are in social situations. Therefore, you must always play the part of a professional. Thankfully, maintaining a professional style does not have to mean suit and tie. In urban society, using your own unique style can show that you are a motivated professional. If another person finds your style impressive or appealing, it can lead to conversations and connections. Many of the business deals you make are built on those personal connections. When you dress without attention to detail or style, others may think you are lazy. It could also give the impression that you aren't fully committed to your career in the first place. Making personal connections lead to business connections that lead to jobs or clients or supporters. Since you never know where those may come from, staying sharp in your style is always important.

You may think all of this unfortunate. However, it is a reality that people judge you from the outside in. The clothes you choose to put on can either invite people in or push them away. Because the urban lifestyle is about being seen, you want people to you in the most genuine way possible.  Allow your style to communicate your status and professionalism without having to speak a word. We have the right thing for your look at the Men’s Closet. Come by one of our two locations, or visit us online.