Why Jordan Stores in Orlando are Preparing for a Killer Second Half of the Year

Every year, Jordan doesn’t fail to deliver fresh new shoes. This year, in particular, Jordan stores in Orlando are getting ready for an amazing second half of the year. We’re not just waiting for the holiday releases. There are killer releases that are happening from June through December. So here are some things that Jordan stores in Orlando are looking forward to for this second half of 2018.

Big Releases

We talked about releases a little, but it really deserves a highlight. June, October, and December are all going to be big months for Jordan releases. Each month, will see four fresh releases from the brand. July, August, and September are also projected to release up to three styles per month. With a constant flow of new styles coming into shops, stores are preparing now. Releases like these never fail to bring the crowds, so fans and stores alike need to be ready.


Some of the releases we’ll be seeing are retro styles that they are bringing back. This is really exciting because we’ll be getting a taste of the history of the brand with a fresh spin on it. Of course, stores in Orlando are excited about the Air Jordan 10 Orlando release on December 8th. This will be a killer release in the area for obvious reasons. It is supposed to keep the same white, black, and blue color palette and style with an updated theme. Getting a pair of this throwback to the original City Pack would be an amazing addition to any wardrobe.

Fresh Colors

The last thing that is exciting about Jordan’s releases that are making Jordan stores in Orlando prepare for the second half of 2018 are the fresh colors. They are promising some amazing color combinations. Having your favorite style of Jordans in various colors will ensure that you have a pair for every outfit. A few fresh color combos that are really exciting are the Air Jordan 5 Orange Peel and Air Jordan 8 Turbo Green. These styles will bring a great pop of color to outfits and are sure to make a statement.

Jordan stores in Orlando are getting ready for an awesome second half of this year. The releases Jordan is making promise fresh designs and colors, and crowds wanting them. So if you are looking for a new pair of Jordans, make sure you know the release date and whether your favorite shop will have them. Check out our list of Jordan release dates to make sure you don't miss out.